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A Timeline of Art History

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This is a reference book designed primarily for students of Art History. As a chronological guide to significant examples of world art and architecture, this timeline will prove useful to anyone with an interest in cultural history.

This book has been designed specifically with the student of Western art and architecture in mind and in particular, art and architecture of the last two millennia. However, the early part of the timeline introduces aspects of ancient, even prehistoric art. The timeline is not meant to be a list of famous works of art but rather, paintings and sculptures that have some significance. Some buildings and other structures are included that are of particular architectural merit or interest. The list, though full, is hardly exhaustive. Some attempt has been made in this book to introduce details of world art, though these are far fewer in number. A few important artefacts (glassware for example and ceramics), have also been added, since the author believes that the art historian should have a broad knowledge of all types of visual imagery. For comparative purposes, the titles of some books, films and music are also included, generally where these have had an impact on the visual arts.

The timeline has been constructed from various sources and inevitably reflects the author's own interests and areas of expertise from years of teaching. The alert user of the book will notice for example, a distinct bias towards the minutiae of medieval (and in particular) English art! There are a host of paintings, sculptures and buildings that could have been included in this timeline. Inevitably, some items that others believe to have particular significance will have been left out. Items of artistic interest are listed in chronological order. These are interspersed with references to important political, social and religious events that offer some historical context. Entries are generally mentioned in brief, since the timeline is designed as a prompt for the student to discover more for themselves in other sources.

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