About Us

The Book Forge is run mainly by two people: Angela Smith and Neil Bertram. We used to walk to school together and then were reunited thanks to our love of digging up old relatives for our family trees. We set up The Book Forge to publish our own book "UK Timeline for Family Historians" in late 2011. In 50 years time '2011' will look great - and established! As of now it looks new and fresh and we don't know where time will lead us!

Then in July 2012 we published our second book: "A short history of Great Dalby, Leicestershire". We have also been approached by other 'niche' historical authors with a view to publishing their books.

So why The Book Forge? Basically; why not?! Have you ever tried to find a name which adequately describes a company? Let me tell you - its hard work! In this day-and-age the most important company tool is the website. We went through dozens and dozens of names only to find the website already registered. We tried the most obscure words associated with history, publishing, books etc - to find them all taken.

Finally, Angela's husband, Adrian, threw 'The Book Forge' into the ring and we scuttled off to find the website name was available.

We like the name because it reflects the hard work (associated with Blacksmiths) which we have put into researching our first book and the historic feel of such a fine honest old trade. Things fell further into place with our close association with 'The Smithy' - please use that link to find out more.