<-------- "This book informs the reader of the all-important social context of art works in a lively and engaging manner." Gail, Leicestershire.

The Book Forge was set up in the latter part of 2011 (that will look good in 50 years time - "Est 2011"!) to publish, primarily, one particular book: 'UK Timeline for Family Historians'. This guide is a timeline of genealogical resources: what records may be available and when they started. It also contains an aide memoire for all those historical dates we forget - which will help put family ancestors into an historical context. This was published on 31 January 2012.

We then published our second book: 'A short history of Great Dalby, Leicestershire'. This book offers a full, chronological survey of Great Dalby; which will be of interest to those who live in the village today, as well as those whose ancestors once lived here.

In September 2013 we published our third book: 'A Timeline of Art History'. A chronological guide to significant examples of world art and architecture, this timeline will prove useful to anyone with an interest in cultural history.

We are hoping that we can cover our costs and also be able to put money back in to publish other niche historical, ancestry and genealogically themed books. We are not overly 'profit' driven as we intend to use any surplus(!) to finance new projects. Plus we are looking into a few others which people have asked us to publish.

So, why 'The Book Forge'? To find out more about the people behind the scenes, please see our 'about us' section.

You may also be asking yourself what has a forge got to do with books? Historically printers had to have knowledge of metal working. Johannes Gutenberg (c1398-1468), considered to be the father of printing, was originally a blacksmith.